Cane Bay Pickleball Club

USAPA Pickelball Code of Ethics

Every person involved in Pickleball as a participant, official, volunteer, representative of the USAPA or spectator pledges as follows:

I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or encourage others to do so.

I will not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety or well being of others.

I will not engage in the use of profanity.

I will exhibit fairness and honesty in my dealings with others.

I will treat others with respect.

I will not flaunt my position.

I will not use USAPA records or materials for personal gain.

I will observe the Golden Rule of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.

The above Code applies in all situations that relate directly or indirectly to pickle-ball play.


DWCB Pickleball Additions

I will not criticize my partner nor fault him/her for his/her mistakes.

I will be a positive influence and help my partner so we are playing            as a team.

I will always remember this is a game, and we are playing this to have FUN!