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Pickleball is still a growing sport that hasn't reached a large enough audience for local sports shops to carry pickleball equipment. Most of us have found great success in purchasing our paddles and other associated equipment through the internet. A couple of these sites will send you equipment and let you pay after you recieve your paddles, which in today's world is almost unbelievable. Most if not all sites listed will stand behind their equipment. This is not an endorsement of any site, and if any member has trouble with a site listed please advise the Webmaster so the site can be removed. Here are links listing five (5) websites and there are more available should you google them.


Pickleball US


ZZT Sports

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What Paddle do I buy?

This is a question newcomers often have. Paddles come in all price ranges, from a simple (heavy) wooden one (about $15) to fairly expensive (light) composite materials paddles up to ($100). Grips on paddles also vary from small to large. So what to buy? Go to the ladder leagues and watch the more experienced players, ask to see their paddles, handle it, feel the grip, feel the weight and if it doesn't suit you try someone else's. With this information and the descriptions provided you ought to be able to purchase a paddle. Most experienced players are on their second or third paddle and have had others, so you might want to ask them.

International Federation of Pickleball Testers

Listing of Paddles and whether they comply or not:  IFP-download