Cane Bay Pickleball Club


A person  asked, “Who normally calls service foot faults during a tournament?” She was wondering because there is nothing specific about this in the rules and concerned because the laws of parallax would make it hard to determine these faults.

Answer: IFP Rule 14.F. specifies in part, “The referee is responsible for all decisions related to procedural and judgment calls during a match.” Only when there are baseline judges can a referee ask them to watch for service foot faults. In all other matches it is the responsibility of the referee to watch for and call service foot faults. Actually, these are much easier to see than balls close to the line during play, but still the referee needs to be sure a fault occurred before calling this on a server. So it is up to the referee to call all service faults, including foot faults during matches without line judges. After the serve is struck the referee then needs to concentrate on foot faults in the non-volley zone for the remainder of the rally.